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Litigation Discoveries You May Not Be Aware Of
Ross Pitcoff Law

The most daunting aspect of a litigation is probably not what you think. It is not the filing of the compliant, the piercing together of tedious documents to submit via discovery, the appearing for a deposition, and believe it or not, it is not taking a witness stand at trial. The most daunting aspect of…

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What’s The Best Way To Deal With A Business-Dispute?
Ross Pitcoff Law

What is the best way to deal with a business dispute? Is it through: litigation, arbitration or mediation? Dispute resolution clauses are contained within your: operating agreements, shareholder’s agreements, partnership agreements, or within your LLC. If you are simply acting as business-partners, typically you will want a dispute resolution clause in any of those agreements.…

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13 Questions to Ask Your Future (or Current) Business Law Firm and/or Lawyer:
Ross Pitcoff Law

When it comes to interviewing Law Firms and Lawyers for your Business or Corporation, there is a list of questions you should ask your future (and possibly your current) Representation. 13 Questions to Ask Your Future (or Current) Business Law Firm and/or Lawyer: 1. What Business Structure Should I Choose? 2. How Do I Minimize…

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Business Lawyers Make A Difference
Ross Pitcoff Law

Having an experienced Business Law Firm draft or review Contracts and Agreements for you may sound like a headache, but it can often make a difference during a Dispute. Ensuring you have adequate Indemnification Provisions, sound Intellectual Property Protection, and other adequately detailed terms are only a few factors to consider when creating a legally enforceable…

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New York Business Corporate Litigation Lawyers
Ross Pitcoff Law

Ross Pitcoff Law is a New York based Law Firm. Our Team of Lawyers specialize in Business and Corporate Litigation matters for all types of Brands, Businesses and Corporations — Fashion Law included. Every Business or Corporation could value from having a professional and trustworthy Law Firm on their side. Our Attorneys at Ross Pitcoff Law…

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Evidence to Provide to Your Lawyer
Ross Pitcoff Law

When you endure insured Commercial Property Damage, the responsibility to substantiate and document your loss falls directly on you, the Policyholder. To that end, there is no such thing as an excessive amount of evidence. Providing too of little evidence might just be the reason for significant delays in your Commercial Insurance Claim Process. If…

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Negotiation Settlements 101
Ross Pitcoff Law

Business Disputes usually end up in Court. Although we love Court time, where we, Lawyers, show our verbal skills, Negotiation Settlements are sometimes the better way to operate. Negotiation is the process of figuring out a resolution to a Dispute that both parties agree on. Settling can be done before a case is filed or…

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I began my work with Ross Pitcoff over five (5) years ago that had to deal with a personal real estate matter. He now manages all of the current and future legal matters for my business. Mr. Pitcoff is absolutely...

Ms. Katherine K.

Ross Pitcoff is a phenomenal lawyer to work with! Mr. Pitcoff helped me not only with writing contracts for my business but also dealing with my clients as well. One (1) example of how he really knows how to support you...

Hadeel G.

Ross Pitcoff is a rockstar when it comes to securities and cryptocurrency matters! My matter has been a very complex and sensitive one. When it comes to my matter and when dealing with a foreign cryptocurrency case, he...

Doug R.

Ms. Jennifer Harrington has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Where to even begin? Ms. Harrington is considerate, thorough, and extremely knowledgeable. She took the time to understand my matter in full, while...

Mary S.

Jennifer Harrington is an extremely passionate lawyer and works hard for her clients! She has been going above and beyond to meet my needs, as well as her other client’s needs as well. I highly recommend contacting Ms...

J. D.

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